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A bad smell in the kitchen

Julian Agostini, MD of Mash Media, on entitlement and how it continues to create a stench in the events kitchen.


A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about the fact that we are dumbing down with each generation.

It didn’t offend anyone, because those I was targeting don’t really like reading. The article is available in our archives if you missed it, are interested or recently took up reading.

Whilst I still stand by the argument put forward at that time, I do concede that it is a difficult situation for the generation behind us… and it’s our fault.

The natural instinct of parents is to make life better, easier for their kids. This is due to our embedded quest for improvement and quality of life; we are constantly striving to move onwards and upwards.

This is absolutely fine - if we don’t forget to make sure that our kids also know the value of money. If we are providing them with a platform, it’s for them to push on from there, i.e. make use of that advantage that perhaps we didn’t enjoy.

Does that happen in reality? Sometimes, but if we don’t instil the right values, work ethic and a bit of hard love, we end up with entitled kids…urgh.

You can spot them a mile off; actually it’s more that you can smell them. Lots of opinion, idle, self-absorbed, arrogant with no real purpose, some trivial knowledge but no real insight or intelligence because they are not particularly interested in anything. Apologies if I’m ranting, but I haven’t quite finished. The amusing part is that they want respect and some people pretend to give it to them as long as they are buying the ice cream.

As we all know, respect has to be earned and if all you do is ride the wave, then what do you expect people to think of you?

What’s this got to do with the events industry, I hear you ask? Well, haven’t you caught a whiff of that attitude somewhere close to our business homes?

Every time I have to deal with a tied contractor, the stench pours out. Caterers at venues are a particular favourite of mine in this regard; so many stories but complaints go absolutely nowhere. It’s like demanding a new supplier, as a disgruntled pupil, for school dinners. Actually, it’s exactly like that.

The lack of humility and that sneery take it or leave it face. I don’t need to do anything because mum and dad (the venue) will always look after me. Sometimes you’d wish for these people to step into the real world, but the truth is they’d fry (if you pardon the pun) and they don’t even know it.

I blame the parents.

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