TRAFIC 2019 opens Innovation Arena

TRAFIC 2019, the dedicated international trade fair for management of safe and sustainable mobility, has announced it will open an Innovation Arena for exhibitor companies to make their presentations and announcements.

Presentations will take place from 8-11 October at Feria de Madrid.

The programme of events in this dedicated space for innovation and technology will take place on 8 October at 13:30, as part of the second edition of TRAFIC Latin America.

On 8 October, Ramón Ledesma, advisor with Pons Seguridad, will also give a talk on the “The Spanish Experience as a Model for Success in Reducing Accidents.”

This aims to help the audience understand how Spain has reduced its accident rate by over 60% in under eight years, from an average of 5,500 deaths per year in 2003 to just 1,800 in 2012.

Ledesma will explain the process, the decisions and the results and propose solutions such as the Efficient Monitoring Model.

On October 9, Miovision Technologies GmbH will host a meeting on “A Better Way to Collect High Quality, Verifiable Traffic Data.” 

The presentation will highlight current challenges in collecting accurate traffic data and give examples of projects where data was collected with a new solution and an idea of the technology used.

Setga will then provide a presentation which presents the newly installed traffic lights and overhead supports for the Gran Vía improvement project in Madrid, products from the SX Series and the Prudenza range. 

On 10 October, Kineo Traffic Engineering will present the “IoT and Micro Tolls: A Necessary Strategy for the Future.” 

It will discuss how road charging is evolving towards dynamic models, in which it will play a major role in environmental protection and social well-being.

Finally, on 11th, Ricardo Muñoz Blasco, Coordinator of the Judicial Traffic Police Expert Course will present “Training of Judicial Traffic Police in Local Government”.

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