Freeman enhances its Fuzion network and launches event tech directory

Global brand experience company Freeman has announced a new event tech directory and expanded its Fuzion Partner Program, which now incorporates 120 partners in the event tech ecosystem.

“When putting on an event, especially one rich with technology, integration can become a major challenge. Think about everything that goes into a live event: Registration, floor plan management, mobile app development, lead retrieval, digital signage, and social media, to name a few. With so many components contributing to an overall live experience, you can quickly find yourself working with more than a dozen different vendors to produce a single event,” said Danielle Puceta, Senior Vice-President – Digital, Freeman.

“Fuzion seamlessly integrates all of these event technologies to create a simpler, more cohesive event experience for planners. This simplicity encourages increased technology adoption, which enables more personalised, interactive and engaging experiences for attendees.”

The new event tech directory allows customers to search the Fuzion partner network to find the right event tech provider in one, centralised place.

Freeman has also announced its second Fuzion Summit will take place 11-12 November in Chicago.

To learn more about the platform or partner network, click here 

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