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UFI to conduct Congress of trust

Global association for the exhibition industry, UFI, is putting trust at the top of its annual Congress agenda in Bangkok this November.

The association has invited celebrated British conductor Charles Hazlewood to hit the keynote high note as part of the ‘Platforms of Trust’ agenda.

Networking, negotiating and closing deals, as well as creating and extending business relationships all rely on trust, as does leading a team or organisation, UFI notes, and says we all notice when trust is lost.

The 86th UFI Global Congress will focus on the issue, therefore, and Hazlewood will deliver a presentation on the opening day, 6 November 2019, entitled ‘An Award-Winning Conductor’s Story about Trust’.


“As a conductor, you play an instrument, which is called the orchestra – upwards of a hundred people. You know, you can’t actually touch or blow or scrape or do anything to this instrument called the orchestra. All you can do is move air around and trust that your gesture will communicate what is useful to the orchestra,” says Hazlewood.

As a visionary in his domain, Hazelwood will highlight the similarity between working with an orchestra and the world of the exhibition industry. His keynote will demonstrate the part trust plays in these distinct sectors and the potential this provides for our industry. The keynote is designed to set the tone for the Congress.

To register for the industry’s largest global meeting of the year, the 86th UFI Global Congress, 6-9 November 2019, Bangkok (Thailand), click here.

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