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beMatrix launches iZi-range

Exhibition stand supplier beMatrix has launched a new modular furniture product – the iZi-range.

It includes bars, tables, displays and signage and adds to the company’s portfolio that includes its frame system.

beMatrix says the iZi-range boasts the same features as the frame system and is ideal for temporary constructions, customisable with plain or printed panels or textiles and fast to assemble. 

The iZi-bar is a versatile reception desk that can be just used to that particular purpose, but just as well serve as a bar or cupboard. Lightweight aluminium profiles are used and there is a choice of panels or textile infills to customise the iZi-bar to clients’ liking. A combination lock assures everything can be put away safely and no keys are required.




Additional modular elements are available, including barfly elements for a more rounded look, as well as ready-made tables or columns that can be covered with all kinds of infills to match the set-up or function of the stand.

There is also an iZi-tablet holder available and the Boxscreen Mini for signage.

For off-the -helf and customised solutions, see the iZi-range brochure:


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