UFI Global Congress to focus on trust

UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, has chosen ‘Platforms of trust’ as the theme for its annual Global Congress in November. The thinking is that this theme highlights one of the key drivers behind the performance of the exhibitions industry globally.

Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director/CEO, said: “Markets are built on trust. The exhibitions we run, the marketplaces we maintain, and the services we provide – they all rely on trust. As organisers, venues and partners in the industry, our success is based on the trust our customers place in us.

"After all, they attend exhibitions with the aim of building trustworthy connections for their business – face to face, one meeting, one handshake at a time. Our industry’s unique role as a platform provider for trust is shaping up to be a core asset."

The UFI Global Congress will take place, 6-9 November 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand, and will be hosted by national agency TCEB. Over 500 industry leaders from more than 50 countries are expected to attend.

The Congress is known as the exhibition industry’s largest global meeting of the year, combining international networking with unique content. It is an opportunity to gain insight into topics of strategic interest, as well as into the current trends and challenges that the exhibition industry is facing. The Congress is open to more than 50,000 industry professionals globally who work for UFI member companies.

While registration for the Congress opens later this month, pre-registration is already possible online at this link.

In 2018, the UFI Global Congress was held in St Petersburg, Russia, and, in 2020, Oman will host the event. The 2021 host will be announced later this year.

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